你是否有一种内在的力量驱使你去创造或执行? Do you love to challenge norms and conventions, finding new ways of expressing your ideas and vision? 如果是的话,考虑一下视觉艺术学位.

网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行主修视觉艺术, you will be joining one of the most respected studio art programs in San Diego, as well as an inclusive community of artists and performers who consistently challenge one another to improve in their respective crafts. Here you will work under accomplished and knowledgeable professors who showcase their own work regularly in notable art museums and galleries.

您的课程和经验将根据您的媒体量身定制, 目标, 和利益, 为你被召唤的职业做最好的准备. 这种方法非常成功, with the number of 网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行 graduates going on to MFA programs exceeding the national average. 此外, 在过去五年中获得硕士学位的学生中, 80 percent did so at institutions consistently ranked among the top 10 MFA 国内的项目.

We believe 创造力 thrives in community — and we are blessed to live in one with rich sources of art. 因此, you will have multiple opportunities to collaborate with other artists in community arts events, 参观当地的博物馆和画廊, 展示你自己的作品. 你甚至可以利用我们的欧洲学期, where you will either spend a semester in Europe studying the work of Old Masters, or explore contemporary art through the lens of the world-famous Venice Biennial and Documenta in a faculty-led summer session. 最后, the experiential learning continues with an internship that will help hone your professional skills through practical application.


  • 素描,绘画,版画
  • 雕塑及装置
  • 摄影
  • 艺术历史
  • 视觉、行为艺术/传播与互动媒体


G. James daichent, Ed.D.

对于Daichendt, 作为人的意义在于创造力, 艺术冲动:在艺术中清楚地看到和经历的冲动. 根据他的说法, the most exciting and meaningful movement in the art world today is street art, 这是他广泛研究的领域.



有关视觉艺术所需课程的信息,请参阅B.A. 程序,查看网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行目录. 




你准备好迈出下一步开始你的网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行之旅了吗? 不管你是高中生, 大学转校生, 或国际学生, 了解我们在申请人身上寻找什么,以及如何申请.


If you are considering transferring to 网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行 to join our visual art program, check out our 社区学院发音协议 查看您的类将如何转移. 

要查看一个例子,我们的主要要求的视觉艺术,B.A. 关注雕塑,看看我们的 建议指导


For most students, the transition into college life is one full of adjustments. 人们对新获得的自由感到兴奋, but also some uncertainty as you begin to make choices and take responsibility for your own future. 

网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行, 我们承诺在学术上支持你, 专业, 精神上, personally — so that you may be successful both in your time as a student and beyond. That’s why we offer a holistic support system that focuses on your unique experiences, 特定的需求, and personal and professional 目标 — resulting from our deep concern for you, 我们的学生.

专注于真实的关系和个性化的关注, our goal is to help transform you so you can follow your calling in your own career and life.



对受过艺术训练和创新人才的巨大需求, the versatile set of skills you’ll develop with a degree in visual art from 网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行 will help you pursue a seemingly endless number of available careers. 网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行的视觉艺术课程培养激情, 创造力, 以及结合艺术的渴望, 智力, 和信仰, equipping you to become an original and expressive leader in whichever career path you pursue.

A Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art can lead to (but is not limited to) careers in:

  • 内容管理
  • 艺术教育
  • 艺术治疗
  • 画廊的专业
  • 摄像
  • 舞台与电影艺术
  • 三维制作
  • 摄影
  • 表演艺术
  • 在博物馆/画廊展出艺术家
  • 公共艺术家
  • 创业


网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行 visual art alumni have gone on to a wide range of art-related careers such as starting their own businesses and holding various positions at arts organizations such as the Lux Art Institute, 当代艺术博物馆, 新儿童博物馆, 还有更多. 

The following are examples of positions that 网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行 visual art alumni currently hold:



Art and creative directors are responsible for overseeing all artists and art produced for their organization. Art and creative directors are hired across many artistic outlets such as TV and film industries, 广告, 出版, 还有电子游戏. They’re typically in charge of a team of designers and are meant to facilitate an environment that produces effective and engaging artwork to promote their organization. Some of their tasks include: reviewing finalized designs and providing feedback to artists, 与客户和领导层合作,了解需求, 向客户或高层管理人员展示艺术品, 收集反馈来帮助改进他们的组织.



Web developers and digital interface designers create and maintain websites. Responsibilities of web developers and digital interface designers are: writing and editing web page content, 网站布局设计, and consistently updating websites in time with the organization's developments. It's also important to note that any position related to technology will develop and evolve as technology improves and transforms, 这意味着你的角色和责任将会发展和改变, 所以一定程度的灵活性对于这个职业来说是必须的.


  • 设计成像基础
  • 基本网页设计
  • 动画
  • 内容管理
  • 编辑视频和音频
  • 多媒体程序设计及技术



Postsecondary teachers instruct students beyond the high school level in a wide variety of academic and technical subjects. Most postsecondary teachers work at public and private colleges and universities, 专业的学校, 还有初级或社区大学. Other than fixed hours of direct teaching, postsecondary teachers have flexible schedules. 他们的其他职责可能包括行政职责, 建议学生, 进行研究.

此外,网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行的许多视觉艺术毕业生都获得了顶级M.F.A. 项目和/或在诸如:美术等领域成功实践, 博物馆及画廊工作, 艺术管理, 和发布. 接受M.F.A. degrees in the last five years, 80% did so at institutions consistently ranked among the top 10 M.F.A. 国内的项目, 例如:克兰布鲁克艺术学院, 印第安纳大学, 罗德岛设计学院(7名网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行校友), 圣地亚哥州立大学, 加州大学伯克利分校, 加州大学圣地亚哥分校, 爱丁堡大学, 北卡罗来纳大学, 俄亥俄大学, 和俄勒冈大学.

校友 listed the following skills as the top strengths they acquired as a visual art student at 网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行: 

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe In设计
  • 平面设计
  • 摄影


视觉艺术专业会帮助你变得更有洞察力, 在艺术上分析, 了解艺术概念化和艺术史. 在网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行主修视觉艺术, 你会培养出深厚的创造力, intuitive mind and discover ways to see the world from an artistic viewpoint — taking you far on any path you pursue. 

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