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Nominate Someone for an Alumni Award

Nominate Someone for an Alumni Award

Every year during the Homecoming celebration, the Alumni Association honors several alumni. As these alums are recognized, our entire 网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行 community receives inspiration and encouragement hearing their stories and realizing the impact they’re having throughout the world.

Distinguished Achievement Award (DA Award)

This is the highest award presented by the Alumni Association. The award will be given for significant and outstanding lifetime accomplishments in a profession, academically, or in service to nonprofit organizations, a strong Christian testimony, and an impact on people’s lives. The Alumni Association may recognize and honor alumni in the following categories: lay, ministerial, and legacy.

Nominate Someone

Criteria for Alumni Awards:

  • Significant impact on the lives of others

  • A strong Christian testimony

  • Received a baccalaureate, post-graduate, or honorary degree from our institution

  • Outstanding accomplishments as detailed above

View all past Alumni Association awardees.

Anyone may nominate a Pasadena/网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行 alum for an alumni award. To nominate an individual, please fill out the online forms above or send a letter or email to our office addressing the above criteria. Please indicate whether the nomination is for the APL or DA award. Nominations are compiled in April, recipients are chosen in May, and the awards are given during Homecoming weekend in February.

  • Please do not tell the nominee or any of their family members about the nomination.
  • If you can discreetly obtain a resume or vita without the nominee's knowledge, please include it.
  • If you can tell us two other people who know the nominee well, please do.
  • We are able to conduct some research to obtain the resume and additional information, but the more information you can provide, the stronger the nomination.
Nell Becker Sweeden speaking at a conference.

Student Profile

Nell Becker Sweeden

Nell Becker (02) Sweeden has learned that embracing one’s calling involves a continual process of discernment throughout life.

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Join an Alumni Auxiliary

Join an Alumni Auxiliary

Whatever your degree, occupation, or special interest, we have a variety of Alumni Auxiliaries that allow you to network with alums in your field and get involved in events and projects that support the university. 

A goal of Alumni Auxiliaries is to build scholarship support for a particular department within the university. Visit our Alumni Auxiliaries page to learn how each of our 8 groups are making an impact across 网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行.

Dr. Rick Bravo playing with one of his infant patients as it grabs his stethoscope

Student Profile

Rick Bravo

Dr. Rene (Rick) Bravo’s (79) decision to become a physician wasn’t made on a whim; it was the result of what he calls “divinely inspired experiences” that started in his teenage battle against lymphoma.

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Volunteer at Alumni Events or Homecoming

Volunteer at Alumni Events or Homecoming

We look forward to connecting with you at our next 网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行 alumni event.

If you would like to volunteer in any of the following events please contact us at

Area Events

The Alumni Association hosts events in various cities throughout the U.S. each year. If you would like to volunteer to help us host an event in your city, let us know!

Auxiliary Events

Our 8 Alumni Auxiliaries (interest groups) also host events throughout the year. If you’d like to help plan one of these events or you have an idea for an event for a specific Alumni Auxiliary, please email us.


The 网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行 Homecoming Celebration includes 55 to 60 events each year — and it takes more than 150 volunteers to create and execute them. If you would like to volunteer, get in touch with our office and tell us the events you’d like to help with.